Fast Facts

Habitat for Humanity sells houses.

All of our partner families purchase their homes. All families must show a need (overpaying, over crowding, not able to qualify for a mortgage), ability to pay (families must have an income between 30-60% of the average median income for our service area), and willingness to partner (complete the sweat equity hours and attend homeowner education classes- Habitat 101, Budgeting, Maintenance, Mortgages, I’m a Homeowner Now What? and Safety). 

All Habitat homes are purchased with a mortgage based on what the family can afford, which is no more than 30% of the family’s income.


Partner families take at least 14 hours of homeowner classes to teach them the importance aspects of owning a home, including budgeting for a mortgage and home repairs.

Our partner families come from many diverse backgrounds. About half are single moms or dads. About 55% are minorities. They come with a variety of life experiences, skills and education levels.  And like many of our volunteers, very few of them have ever swung a hammer before coming to Habitat. Each adult member of our partner families completes a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity volunteering with either CMHFH or other organizations that serve their community.


Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity raises its own funds.

Each affiliate is responsible for developing its own financial resources locally. Our building budget is NOT subsidized by dollars provided by Habitat for Humanity International.


Habitat needs volunteers of varying skill sets.

Our ministry is very complex, and completely dependent upon the engagement of willing supporters. People, businesses, organizations, schools, churches, and other nonprofits can all give monetarily as well as volunteer with CMHFH. Check out all our volunteer opportunities to see all the different ways you can make a difference for a deserving family.


Habitat is a faith-based organization, but doesn’t require homeowners to be Christian.

Habitat for Humanity was founded as, and unashamedly remains a Christian ministry. Homeowners are chosen without regard to their faith, keeping with the requirements of fair lending, and Habitat’s belief that God’s love extends to all regardless of race, creed, or nationality. And we welcome any and all volunteers who want to join us in our mission.


Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent houses.

Any newly built house is going to be a dramatic change for a family who has been living in poor housing conditions. Habitat’s philosophy is to build simple, decent houses that fit the family’s needs.


Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard Fuller.

Habitat for Humanity International was started in Americus, Ga., in 1976 by Millard Fuller, along with his wife, Linda. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are longtime Habitat supporters and volunteers who help bring national and international attention to the organization’s house-building work. They continue to lead the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project (over 1000 houses built so far since 1984), even in their 90’s, to help build houses and raise awareness of the need for affordable housing. 


Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity serves Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright counties.

We are excited to have been serving Central Minnesota for 30 years, and are building our 100th home here in 2019!  We will also build our 100th home internationally this year as well.  We partner with key leaders in any of our Central MN communities to help them plan for the construction of a Habitat home.