How to Apply

Applications are now available for the 2022 Homeownership Application Period! 




Stop by our office to pick up a printed copy, or reach out to Josie at 320-248-7812 or to receive an application.  Applications must be submitted between July 1 and August 31, 2022.

Step 1: Complete an Application and return it (along with copies of all required documents). 

After completing the application and attaching copies of the requested documents, drop it off or mail it to us at our office. 

Step 2: Staff Review of Applications
After receiving the completed application, staff will review and send a written status update within 30 days.

Step 3: Review by Homeowner Selection Committee and Home Visit
Applications are reviewed by a volunteer committee called the Homeowner Selection Committee; this committee decides if an applicant will be invited to proceed to a Home Visit. The purpose of a home visit is to assess and verify the current living situation of the applicant.

Step 4: Final Review by Staff and Homeowner Selection Committee
Applications and home interviews are given a final review by staff and committee; they make recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding approval of the applicants. The confidentiality of application information is maintained. Applications are kept locked at all times, and only those who need to see the application are allowed to view it.

Step 5: Board approval
The Board of Directors reviews staff and committee recommendations and gives approval to begin partnership with the recommended applicants. At this time, a letter is sent out to notify the applicant of the decision.

If accepted…
Step 6: Pre-Partnership Discussions
If the applicant has been accepted to be a homeowner, discussions begin with Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. In these discussions, Habitat will ensure that the applicant knows the responsibilities for families that partner with Habitat and to better determine the particular needs for the applicant and/or the applicant’s family.

Step 7: Partnership Agreement is signed
The applicant and Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity sign a partnership agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both in the partnership. At this point in time, the partnership phase begins.