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How to Apply

We are not currently accepting applications for our homeownership program.

We do not have a date for when the next application period will open, it will depend on when we have the capacity and funding to add more build projects. We anticipate opening an application period in 2024, please watch our website and social media for dates.



There are 3 basic selection criteria used to determine eligibility for the homeownership program:


  1. Need for adequate housing. Some of the factors (financial and physical) considered include:

    1. unsafe conditions

    2. overcrowding

    3. cost burden (current housing costs are more than 30% of monthly household income)

In addition, total household income must fall between 35% and 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI), as determined by HUD.​​

   2. Willingness to partner with Habitat. Each household will need to complete 200 hours of Sweat Equity, of which a minimum of 100 hours must be spent on doing construction work. Homeowner Education classes are also required. Applicants must be willing to move to current or future Habitat house construction locations.​


   3. Ability to pay for the Habitat home. In an effort to make sure applicants can succeed as homeowners, we will review income stability, debt repayment history and credit management, current debt-to-income ratio, etc.

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