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Every veteran (active duty, retired and discharged, and families of the fallen) deserves a safe and decent place to live.


The National Low Income Housing Coalition finds that 2.5 million veterans heading households are at least 55 years of age. Of those 2.5 million veterans, 24 percent have housing cost burdens. Unlike our older civilians, our older veterans are more likely to have a disability — 35 percent versus 28 percent — which may require home modifications, health and other supportive services as they age.

Veterans Build Five Pillars

BUILD: creating safe, decent and affordable housing for veterans through home ownership and critical home repair.

ENGAGE: fulfilling community engagement while bringing together veterans and their families.

EMPLOY: seeking to capitalize on the skill sets gained from military service by recruiting veterans as employees for Habitat for Humanity and our partner organizations.

EDUCATE: providing access to financial literacy and homeownership education programs for veterans.

HONOR: hosting special events throughout the year to pay tribute to veterans, make awareness and mobilize volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about funding a build, please contact us.

Take the next step:

  • Volunteer on CMHFH’s Veterans Build site.

  • Attend a special event.

  • Learn how you can become a Habitat homeowner.

  • Donate to support Veterans Build.

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